WiFi SweetSpots: Monitor Performance of Local WiFi Router at Different Places and Find Best Spot

What is WiFi SweetSpots?

Do you want to evaluate your WiFi network from your phone? Well, it is quite simple to follow the visual approach by examining the WiFi signal bars or by running a regular speed test and monitoring the general performance of the network. However, the regular speed test doesn’t provide complete insight into the story as it is usually performed on the server side to check the internet speed. This is where a useful app for Android and iPhone comes into play.

How To Monitor Performance of Local WiFi Router?

The useful app for testing your local WiFi router performance is called as WiFi SweetSpots. It not only shows the speed you are getting for uploading and downloading on internet. It also shows the speeds you will be getting on your local area network. But what is the significance of this information?

If your local wireless network is congested and crowded, it will hinder tasks such as creating wireless backups, sharing files between PCs on the same network, streaming movies from a network drive to a smartphone etc. With the help of this remarkable app, you will get a fair idea about the suitability of performing the aforementioned tasks on your network. This app is quite valuable for those who heavily rely on their local area networks for heavy data transfer.

wifi sweet spots 2

This app can also be used to set the position of the router at home to get the maximum speed. You can get proper signal strength for serving your purposes.

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It is very simple using this app. Just connect to the Wireless network and hit the Start button. In a matter of few seconds, you will see the real-time graph showing you the WiFi network’s speed at your given position. You can also move around with your smartphone to monitor the spots at which you get the maximum speed.

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The app is absolutely free for downloading for iPhone and Android. You can boost your internet and wireless network experience with the aid of this amazing app. The links for downloading are provided below.

Download WiFi SweetSpots for iPhone/Android

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