Vesper now lets you collect your thoughts in landscape — and on iPad!

Vesper, a very popular thought collection application made by Bret Simmons, Dave Wiskus and John Gruber has eventually been updated to its new framework. This update will now enable you to note and tag in landscape on both iPhone and iPad. Previously Vesper was only an iPhone application but with IOS 8’s new features it supports different screen and orientations. Yes that’s true and great news for users who use it frequently. Suppose if you are fond of writing more words then you would desperately want the wider screen option and guess what, you have it now in this update. Users will be very comfortable to use it due to landscape keyboard and additional space. Though this change will not mean much to those who use it just for reminders or lists, but still they are going to be amused by it. Wide screen notes and images have made it very user-friendly.

This is not the only update made to this application, but also you can even keep your notes, reminders etc. in a universal place so you can easily store and access them whenever required, thanks to Vesper sync which made it possible. It also includes the new standard Share sheet, which can easily send Vesper notes to those applications that have the functionality to open Share extensions files and do anything to them.





Vesper’s updated version 2.005, has the following features:-

  • Supports all iOS devices now.
  • Landscape mode for iPhone and iPad.
  • Fixed a rare crushing bug.
  • Improved conflict resolution.

Due to fast, reliable and unlimited sync it’s price has been raised to $9.99 but at the moment for a limited time frame, it is available for just $7.99 on sale. Existing users of this application or the users who have already purchased it can update the application for free but the new users will have to buy it.

Vesper is a type of application which every person uses in his/her daily life routine for notes, reminders, to-do list etc. With this update of displaying in widescreen or landscape mode is a huge step forward to its features which will certainly attract a lot of users. Hopefully, this application and with all its features will fulfill your needs and If I were you I would have definitely gone for this application. So why wait? Go ahead and download it from iTunes.


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