How to Stream Downloaded Movies in Apple TV

apple tv 1When it comes to watching movies at home, Apple TV is one of the best choices. The color, the picture quality and the overall resolution add an extra thrill to the movie. There are about 40 channels offered by apple to watch on your apple TV, but you can also stream your favorite downloaded movies anytime using Airplay or iTunes.  So, for example, if you have the movie Maleficent in your PC or in any iOS device, you can enjoy it on your Apple TV, here is a guide on how to do that:

Streaming Downloaded Movies with Airplay

airplayAirplay is a unique app developed by Apple inc. it will help you to stream movies from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your apple TV. It also has a mirroring feature so when you play the movie in your iPhone or device, it will be wirelessly transmitted to your apple TV at the same time; thus if you pause here on your mobile, your audience will see the movie on TV screen has stopped too.

  • iphoneTo stream a downloaded movie from your iPhone (4 or later version), iPad, iPad mini or iPod touch (4th Generation or later), connect your Apple TV to any of these iOS device with a Wi-Fi network.  Then go to the control center of your iOS Device and tap AirPlay option. If you can’t find the Airplay option then maybe you need to update the software of your Apple TV or iOS device; check that or click here for more information. From the Airplay menu, choose Apple TV. Now select the downloaded movie you want to see and start watching it on your Apple TV.
  • Stream a downloaded movie from Your Mac or Windows Computer to your Apple TV:

penguin apple tvIf you have a Mac computer, then you will find the airplay option on the menu bar or you can choose it from your display preference. All you have to do is to turn the airplay mirroring option on and start watching your movie. However, if you have a Windows operating system, then you will need to download and install AirParrot application. AirParrot can mirror the streaming of your downloaded movie from both Mac and Windows computer to your Apple TV

Streaming Downloaded Movies with iTunes

itunesYou can download iTunes for free for your Windows XP, 7 and 8. After installing iTunes, sync your apple TV with iTunes on your PC; for 1st generation Apple TV, click here and for 2nd generation, click here to learn about the setting. However, if you already have Airplay installed, all you have to do is drag your desired movie to the iTunes library, play it and then click on the airplay button on iTunes. Select Apple TV option and that’s it! You can enjoy the movie in a bigger screen now. Just don’t forget to turn your Apple TV on.

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