How to Tweak Your Springboard with Cydia

Your iPhone’s home screen, usually called the “Springboard”, is the main interface for interacting with you iDevice. It’s the first thing you see when you power on your phone or bring it back from sleep, and should therefore be custom-tailored for you.

Now, with the help of JailBreaking and the preeminent app store, Cydia, it’s possible to bend the rules of the game, using the variety of existing springboard tweaking tools. Below is a list of awesome apps, tweaks and various springboard hacks, all available at the Cydia app store after you’ve jailbroken your device.

5 Cool Springboard Tweaking Tools

1. Change The Way Your Apps Are Displayed

Using Iconoclasm, it’s possible to redefine the grid to which your apps are aligned. Change the grid’s size, shape and create crazy designs for your apps’ icons, ensuring a personalized feel like never before.

2. Scroll Seamlessly Through Your Screens

Smoothboard is a tiny springboard tweaking tool that does one thing: it allows the user to smoothly scroll through all of the home screens of your springboard, creating a unified browsing feel and removing barriers between the different screens.

3. Adding Core Features To Your Springboard

PowerIcons allow you to add the core features of any device right to your springboard – Turn Off, Reboot, Safe Mode and Respring – which restarts your springboard and allows new springboard tweaking tools to take effect.

4. Remove The Spotlight Search

An annoying feature of the iOS is the Spotlight Search – the little search panel that pops ups when a user scrolls all the way to the left on his springboard. No more! Now, with the SpotRemover springboard tweaking tool it’s easy to get rid of this nuisance for good.

5. Change Your Springboard Wallpaper Easily

A new tweak by the name of WallSwitcher enables you to get colorful by switching your wallpaper right from the springboard, offering a variety of cool and crazy new wallpapers.

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