How To Send Message from Mac to iPhone [Guide]

Mac has come up with a new messaging app in the OS X, iMessage that can be used to send unlimited messages to an iPhone, iPad or a Mac. In this app you can send messages from Mac to iPhone.

First of all you need to have an iMessage account to send messages from Mac to iPhone which will already be set up if you have an Apple ID. Apple ID is the same account you use to access Mac App Store, iCloud or iTunes Store. If you are using the Mac for the first time and haven’t setup your Apple ID, you will need to sign in before using the iMessage service.

send messages from Mac to iPhone

In iMessage you can use different other chat services too like Yahoo chat, Google Talk, AIM or Jabber which can be setup through Internet Accounts in System Preferences but that is a different cattle of fish.

To send message from Mac to iPhone, go to new message in the iMessage app and enter the Apple ID of the iPhone you want to send the message to. You can also enter the Apple ID in the Contacts so that it is easily accessible for future use. When you will enter the ID in Contacts, the name of the iPhone user will be automatically displayed in iMessage.

send messages from Mac to iPhoneNow type the message you have to send to the iPhone in the message field and press Return key to send it. The text that you send on this app to the iPhone will appear as a message bubble just like in iPhone. The message received will also have its own bubble which will make it seem as if you are texting from iPhone to iPhone.

send messages from Mac to iPhoneIf you want to start a conversation with another iPhone user just click on the add message button at the top of the message conversation list at the left side of you Mac.

Cool thing is that even when you close this app you will get notification of the message received. And you can also audio chat or video chat using the buttons on the left that will initiate a FaceTime call.

send messages from Mac to iPhone

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