How to Run Game Boy Advance on Your iPhone and iPad Without Jailbreak

Game Boy Advance was a golden era for kids in late 90’s and early 2000’s. Game Boy Advance completely revolutionized the gaming world with new handheld gaming consoles that was an equivalent of having a Super Nintendo in your own pocket. Now Game Boy has gone a step further and introduced an app which enables you to play the Game Boy Advance in the comfort of your iPhone and even iPad.

The best thing that this app provides is the famous backwards compatibility of the Game Boy Advance to its predecessors and now Gameboy has extended that to iPhone with the app GBA4iOS being introduced for iOS 7. If you guys haven’t still updated to iOS 7 because you will lose your classic Game Boy games then it is time that you can.

What you need to do to play your favorite Nintendo games on Game Boy Advance in your iPhone is quite straight forward.

  • First you have to set your iPhone calendar to before the 19th of February 2014, which is crucial if you want the game to be installed.
  • Then go to Official GBA4iOS website on your iPhone and click on “Download GBA4iOS 2.0”
  • After the download you are set to play all you favorite games, and yes I am not kidding it is that easy and without jailbreak.

When you start to play on the app, the players who had played on Game Boy app on iOS 6 will notice obvious differences to the introduction to iOS 7. Not only there are games for Game Boy Advance on this app but it has also employed the backwards compatibility and the games from Game Boy Color before that are also available.

There are also different settings, themes and configurations of the Game Boy Advance controller that one can explore and enjoy on this app.


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