Revert iOS 7 App Switcher to iOS 6 Style Using ClassicSwitcher


As the Apple upgraded the operating system from iOS 6 to iOS 7, some wonderful features were included. However, it is not necessary that the updated OS works to perfection always. iOS 7 provides a bit complex card-style app switcher that makes difficult for users to close the apps. The app switcher of iOS 6 was easier to use. The card-style app switcher is introduced in iOS 7 to provide the design a sleeker look. It is quite possible to go back to the old style of app switcher even if you have upgraded to iOS 7. For this purpose, you can use a wonderful jailbreak tweak called as ClassicSwitcher.

This tweak closes the apps as they used to do in iOS 6. You need to hold the icon of the apps until they start shaking. Then tap on the close button to switch off the app.

This tweak not only provides an easy method to close the apps, but also provides some additional functionality. You can enable multiple rows of open apps, multiple opening animations, and overlay styles. You can also close all apps at once by dragging them right on the first page.

ios 6 ios 7 switcher 2

You can also toggle on or off the ClassicSwitcher very easily using its settings. You can close multiple apps at once by adding 1 to 3 rows of open apps. You can also enable a confirmation message to appear before ending all the apps. You can also customize the overlay style and opening animation.

If you are bored of using the modern style app switcher of iOS 7, you can revert to the classic app switcher of iOS 6 easily using ClassicSwitcher. This app is developed by Thomas Finch. This app is not available for free though. You will have to spend $0.99 for purchasing this handy little utility from the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store. It will certainly prove worth of its penny once you use this tweak. The additional features are enough to justify its price for the iOS 7 users.

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