How To Remotely Control Your PC with a Jailbroken iPhone

Those of you who already have your Apple iPhone jailbroken know that your mobile has become invincible. You can install any unauthorized app and have unlimited fun. Your phone can do things that it could never do before; including totally possessing your pc! That’s right! You don’t have to touch your computer to work on it anymore.  With the instructions given below, you can link your iPhone and PC; you will be able to extend an invisible arm with your jailbroken phone to control your computer’s every move and manage all files; photos, videos, files and all.

Step 1: Turn on your Wireless Router:

Make sure your iPhone and PC are connected through the Wi-fi or any other wireless router system.

Step 2: Download VNC Lite on your Mobile:

VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing; it’s a software that will allow you to access other network administration systems. Hackers love this software, I’m sure you can guess why. You, however, need this software to access to your computer and link your Apple iPhone and PC. So go ahead and install this free software.

Step 3: Download VNC Lite on your Computer:

Now your computer needs to allow your mobile to access into it, so install VNC on your computer as well. There are various websites you can download VNC from; all you need to do is search for ‘VNC lite free download’ on Google. Don’t forget to save the shortcut bar to VNC to your computer after the download; this will make your life easier.

Step 4: Setting up your PC.

Now click on the VNC icon on your desktop, then go to the VNC user properties. Once there, uncheck these two boxes:

  • “Remove Wallpaper for Viewers”
  • “Enable Blank Monitor on Viewer Request”

In the linking process between your iPhone and PC, it is crucial to be able to see the same scenario on both screens. Don’t forget to set up your password here.

Step 5: Setting up your iPhone:

You are now finished with the computer part of the set up process. Next is your iPhone. Go to the menu on your touchscreen, then click ‘edit connection’, then click the “Not Used” row on the host list.

Step 6: Giving the Final Touches:

Congratulations! You are almost there, there are just a few more steps left to have your iPhone PC act as one device. You’ll have to type your IP address on the VNC server, otherwise it won’t know which PC and mobile to connect.

If you do not know your IP address then go to settings menu of your mobile, go to wi-fi and then go to Lloyd. Here you’ll get your IP address.

Well what you are waiting for? Type this IP number on the both VNC server bars and your mobile phone will get a “Remote Access Request”, don’t forget to accept it.

Hey it’s done! Now you can see both of your iPhone and PC are showing the same screen. All of your mobile icons are visible on the computer too! You touch one icon or write a note on your mobile, the same thing is happening on the computer too. You can view your photos, videos and files on your PC from your phone and vice versa, or you can do your whole assignment in the kitchen without bringing your PC there.

Hurry up and start having fun with your jailbroken Apple iPhone and your PC.

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