Lullaby Turns Music Off Automatically After User-Specified Time Period


People enjoy listening to their favorite music while cooking, taking exercise, before sleeping etc. They tend to enjoy music for a specified time only. It could be painful to turn off music especially when your smartphone is placed at some distance. You desire some automatic action for turning off music after a per-defined time period. A new iOS tweak has been released, called as Lullaby that performs this function for you efficiently.

This app requires the user to input the time in minutes after which the music app will stop playing the music. This app uses an Activator for bringing up a pop-up box where input option for number of minutes is provided. Once the minutes have expired, the music will stop playing automatically without manual intervention.

Once the tweak is installed, you will have to set a gesture for getting started. Once the gesture is used, a box will appear that will require you to input the number of minutes.

It works quite well for the Stock music app. However, it doesn’t work well with the third party apps such as Spotify. Some users reported that their devices lagged a lot while using this app. This is a useful tweak and can be employed for various other purposes also. However, the tweak doesn’t deserve the price tag it shows since iOS offers native feature for achieving the same purpose using the Stock Clock app.

You can download this tweak from Cydia store. It is quite interesting to give it a try at least. The tweak will cost you $0.99. Many of you would desire it to be free for testing, but you would be able to give useful feedback whether the app deserves this price or not.

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