Learn More About iOS 7

iOS 7 features an aesthetic overhaul of many of its software elements on top of having an entirely different look and that’s in comparison with iOS 6. One remarkable change in the design is the color scheme, which has a translucency effect that tries to achieve “a sense of depth and vitality.” There are also new, flat icons, plus a revamped user interface.

In general, iOS 7 has modified a lot of things concerning iOS. With this latest edition of iOS, multitasking has reached a notch higher than the previous one, besides having new designs for apps. This allows easy switching between apps. Interestingly, iOS 7 intelligently schedules updates for you.

There’s also the introduction of Control Center, which is created for easy swipe up from the bottom part of the screen. This way, the user is able to quickly access various options and buttons. For instance, the user can have a quick access to music controls or different shortcuts and easily get to toggle to open or close Wifi or Bluetooth, Flight (airplane) mode, etc.

The improved Notification Center is filled with a lot of features as well and it provides three different views namely “Today”, “All”, and “Missed.”┬áiOs 7 does not run out of revamped apps, such as safari, Photos, and Camera. Notably, Siri has undergone great changes as well, starting from a new look and ability to connect with other services that include Bing and Wikipedia all the way to having male and female voice options.

It also has support for AirDrop, which is used for simple sharing of files, such as photos, videos, documents, contacts, and many more.

iOS 7 can be installed on iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C,a nd 5S. Other devices that support this new iOS are the iPad 2, third- and fourth-generation iPads, and the iPad mini as well as the fifth-generation iPod touch. Installation of iOS 7 update can be done through iTunes or through the built-in software updater in iOS 6. Of course, you’ll need an internet connection to make this successful.

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