Why A Jailbroken iPhone Is the Best Choice For Geeks

A Geek's Best Friend

Every geek with even the smallest bit of self-respect, knows the ins and outs of every technological service, product or literature he or she can get their hands on. It is a nefarious position to be in, having to make the most out every bit of electronics one sets an eye on, but – as any geek will tell you – it’s the only way to live in this modern world of ours.

A great part of the hacker culture (as well as the iPhone Jailbreaking sub-culture) relies on geeks doing what geeks do best – fiddle and mess around with cool devices and software, and then putting their findings out fo the world to see. iPhone Jailbreaking is just that – a way of sharing new and shiny features (not available on a Brick, or a non-JB’d phone) to the rest of the geek community.

Any geek worthy of the title should hold one of these Jailbroken iPhones, if not for the sake of keeping up with the crowd, then for one of these reasons:

Reason #1: Springboard Tweaks

The display panel of every device is where all the core user experiences takes place. For the geeky power user this is where all the most important things in your life should be presented. Unfortunately, Apple has a neck for closing off its code to outside developers. Along comes the iPhone Jailbreaking: a measurement which enables even the most mediocre user to tweak the springboard (the iPhone’s application for managing the home screen) – in order to fit the his or hers needs.

Reason #2: Cydia

Any Jailbroken iPhone is Immediately fitted with a browser of apps never before available – Cydia. Cydia lets the Jailbroken iPhone’s owner download and use a multitude of apps tailored to the newly discovered features the iPhone reveals upon its Jailbreaking. It’s quite extraordinary really: The new Jailbroken iPhone enables the user to change practically everything in the iOS (Apple’s mobile devices operating system) – ranging from the color scheme of your device, to the size of pictures taken using the camera and even the way your device detects GPS signals.

Reason #3: Portability

The last (but not least) reason any geek should own a Jailbroken iPhone is the Sim Card: A Jailbroken iPhone, unlike a Brick one, has the ability to use a variety of Sim Cards form different cellular service providers. Normally, an iPhone will be limited to the provider from which it was bought from. However – many people prefer buying a device second hand, or from a store that sells  the iPhone on a lower price. Jailbreaking the phone will enable them to do so, without having to pay the extra penny to the service provider.

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