Jailbreak Pros and Cons

Jailbreak Pros and Cons

Apple Inc. has the worldwide fame of producing some of the finest tech gadgets on the planet.  iPhones and iPads have become less of a luxury and more of a necessity for many. The cult-like following of the iDevices is despite the numerous placed by the Cupertino Tech giant on how to use their devices. Such prohibition brings up the popular subject of Jailbreaking.

In the simplest of terms, Jailbreaking is the alteration of the iOS (Operating System) of your iDevice. This is specifically in order to get rid of the numerous restrictions that Apple places on their mobile operating system. There is a perpetual argument among techies on the merits and demerits of Jailbreaking.

To slay this argument, here is a breakdown of the Pros and Cons of Jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad.

Pro: Access to an array of cool but restricted apps

By default, Apple only allows its users to install apps only from its exclusive channels. Apple subjects its developers with a strict set of rules and this consequently leaves a good number of cool Apps locked out of the AppStore.  Jailbreaking enables you to bypass the restrictions and install the apps of your choice.

Pro: Customization Advantage

Customization is a pain on the iPhone and iPad. Jailbreaking gives you unlimited options on how you wish to customize your iDevice. By Jailbreaking, you have access to thousands of themes, wallpapers and docks to give your device a more personalized touch.

Con: Potential Instability of your iDevice

Jailbreaking alters the core system files of your devices. This could put a huge compromise on the security of your device and could potentially lead to more than usual application crashes and other strange behaviors. This could drastically reduce the functionality of your device.

Con: Inability to receive Apple Official Updates

Jailbreaking may lead to Apple cutting off your device from its official updates and support. However, and in the case that you get the update, the jailbreak features might be erased and all unauthorized apps deleted. This whack-a-mole experience could be an annoyance in the long run.

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