Is Updating to iOS 7 Safe for Jailbreak?

There seems to be a consensus among those who have upgraded their phones to iOS 7 and that they believe it’s relatively safe to do so. Although it’s safe to update to iOS 7, one must be warned though that there’s no turning back if your iOS 6 has been jailbroken already. Also, you must consider the device or phone that you’re trying to upgrade. And why is that? Apparently, if your device is older, iOS 7 might not work as readily as it should be when a new device is updated.

So what’s at stake if you do? Now safety can cover several aspects of the phone. What happens to the life of your battery once you upgrade? How about the performance of your phone? Will the update introduce bugs? Do you get to keep the features that you’ve come to love with iOS6?

Before we even tackle the issue of jailbreaking iOS 7, let’s take a look at some of the good stuff that come with upgrading to iOS 7. Basically, updating to iOS 7 changes your phone’s appearance, functionality and usability. With iOS 7, you will be able to experience the new design that Apple has created. The apps also look different and yet the functionality is still the same. The new features of iOS 7 include, Control Center, AirDrop, and multitasking that has never been this easier and smarter.

Now the jailbreaking community has more reasons to rejoice as they are on the verge of releasing iOS 7 jailbreak in a few months’ time. But make no mistake about it. There’s no iOS 7 jailbreak just yet. If you have encountered websites claiming they can jailbreak it, then it’s definitely fake.

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