Installing AppAddict for Downloading Free Apps for iPhone [Guide]


The demand for free iOS apps keeps on increasing with time among users. However, Apple doesn’t offer many free apps on its App store. You need to find apps on Cydia store for their free or cracked versions. There are some other utilities that are capable of providing you free apps such as iFunbox and HipStore. AppAddict is another great app for getting latest apps, themes, and games for free. It is a better variant of Apptrackr with more features.

How to Install AppAddict from Cydia

In this tutorial, you will find the step-by-step procedure for installing AppAddict to your iOS device through Cydia. It doesn’t require any professional knowledge about iOS.

The first step is to jailbreak your iPhone no matter which version of iOS your device is running. Make sure that your device is jailbroken with Cydia installed on it. If you haven’t got Cydia then refer to its download guide.

app addict 1

Open Cydia and then go to Manage->Sources->Edit->Add. You will see a text box “Enter Cydia/APT URL”. Here you need to input the repo source of AppAddict. Tap on the Add Source to continue the installation. The source of AppAddict will be added in a minute. Go to the sources after its installation and then search for AppSync. Look for the version that matches with your iOS. Tap on the version that suites you and install it.

app addict 2

Now you have a jailbroken device with Cydia and App Sync installed on it. Now, go to AppAddict repo and search for AppAddict on it. Search for the latest version and tap it to install it. I will be installed on your device in 60 seconds. This is the fastest method to install AppAddict. Alternately, you may download it from its official website and use the download slider.

app addict 3

It must be kept in mind that purpose of using cracked apps is just to test them. It allows the potential buyers to test the apps before buying them. Some other apps like AppAddict are also available that provide iOS apps for free that don’t even require your device to be jailbroken such as Zeusmos.

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