Install Cydia Without Jailbreak on iPhone [Guide]


The Problems with Cydia download iOS 7

The iOS users often wonder whether they can get Cydia without jailbreak tweak applied to their devices. The jailbreak feature is available in iOS 6 and its variants. For iOS 7 users, the jailbreaking techniques haven’t matured yet. Most of the users report problems while using tools like evasiOn for jailbreaking their iOS 7 devices. But the question still remains the same that how to get Cydia without jailbreaking your iOS 7 devices. The solution lies in the use of an alternate app store that functions in the similar way as Cydia, referred to as OpenAppMkt Cydia. With the aid of this wonderful tool, you can download a wide range of apps, tweaks, and games for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

How to Get Cydia No Jailbreak

The enthusiasts about the tweaks and customizations in the apps of iOS 7 should try their luck with OpenAppMkt. This is a wonderful tool to get a wonderful alternate for Cydia without jailbreak applied to your devices.

install cydia 2

OpenAppMkt Cydia Download

You may download OpenAppMkt on your web browser as a web based app for downloading apps for your devices. The idea behind the functionality of this app is that it is not directly installed on your iOS 7 devices. Instead it is added as a bookmark for your web-based browsers on your PC. An idea might flash into your mind that whether you can download this app for browsers on your iPhone also. You are thinking on the right lines. You may access OpenAppMkt from the browser of your device, and add it as a bookmark in it. This amazing tool is available for downloading at the following link.

OpenAppMkt Cydia free download

You need to click on the big “Install” button available on the given link and add it as a source for downloading apps.

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You are now ready to use an alternate store of Cydia to download a huge variety of apps and tweaks. Test the web-based app by downloading some of the free versions of apps available in the store, and move them to your device. Install them and you should be able to run them without any fuss.

This tutorial might have proved to be quite fruitful for those who want to get Cydia without jailbreak applied to their devices. OpenAppMkt solves the problems for the enthusiasts of iOS 7 apps and games.



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