How to Use iFunBox for Installing Cracked Apps to Jailbroken Devices


The jailbreak community is quite energetic to find innovative methods and tools for jailbreaking iOS devices. Recently, plenty of jailbreak tools have been developed for allowing users to increase the vision of their iOS devices. Even if one good tool departs from the scene, the replacements are equally wonderful. If you are sad about the disappearing of Installous, you may try other apps like Appcake. iFunBox is yet another entry into the jailbreak community for installing cracked apps. It is a handy software for Windows and Mac. It is a worth trying software and a matchless alternative for Installous. This article will brief you about some of its salient features and its method of use.

Features of iFunBox

This wonderful tool doesn’t only download cracked apps for your iOS devices; it also offers plenty of other services. Its features are listed below.

  • It is a free tool for downloading cracked apps
  • Navigate through the file system of your iOS devices
  • Copy images from your iOS devices to your PC
  • Backup installed software
  • Use your iOS devices as USB
  • Install unsigned .IPA files

How to Employ iFunBox for Installing Cracked Apps

It is very easy to install cracked apps with the help of iFunBox. First, you need to download this software from its website. Once, the software is installed, connect your iOS device to your PC and the software will recognize the iOS device. You need to click on the install app icon and then browse the downloaded IPA file on your desktop. iFunBox will perform the rest of functions for you.

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How to Use iFunBox for Transferring Photos from iPhone to Computer

It is a complete file manager for your iPhone and iPad. You can easily use it for downloading the photos on your iOS devices to your PC using the following procedure.

  • Launch iFunBox
  • Select Camera
  • Choose images to copy
  • Press Right-Click and then choose option of Copy to Mac/Windows.

It also allows you to manage your photos on your iPhone. You may delete photos also using this software. iFunBox also works very well for non-jailbroken phones.


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