How to Run Cydia

If you have already jailbroken your iPhone and you would like to tweak it, Cydia is just what you need. In fact, jailbreaking is done to add Cydia tweaks to your iPhone. It can be new wallpapers, themes, games, and a lot more.

Cydia serves like an Apple Application store. Of course, it’s not the actual Apple App Store because all the apps you will find in Cydia are not available in the Apple App Store. But its primary purpose is to be that great source of applications to make your iPhone look and function better.
A jailbroken iPhone must already have a new icon on its springboard. Tapping on this icon will lead you to the Cydia icon. When you tap on the Cydia icon, it gets automatically installed on your iPhone.

You will also have to allow Cydia to initialize the repositories and the good thing about this is that it’s done only once and during the first time you run Cydia. Repositories are very essential part of accessing contents of Cydia because Cydia is essentially hosted in locations called repositories or what is commonly known as repos. As soon as the repositories are initialized, Cydia will then close automatically. What you have to do next is to reboot Cydia and tap on its icon.

In case you don’t know, apps found on Cydia are either free or paid. You will notice that paid apps are listed in blue text and you can buy apps using Paypal or Amazon payments. Unfortunately, only a few tweaks are available for free.

To fully access Cydia features and make a purchase, you will have to set up your own account for authentication and it’s easy to do it. If you already have a Facebook or Google account, you will be able to create your profile in no time.

Cydia, more or less, is similar to Google search. If you want a tweak, you can look it up in Cydia’s Search and once it shows up in the list, tap on it to install it. You will be directed to the info page for that tweak. You will then find the “install” button, so tap on it. A “confirm” button will appear. Tap on it as well to download the package. Finally, you will have to restart your iPhone to check if you have successfully downloaded the tweak. Other tweaks will either ask you to respring dashboard or return to Cydia.

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