Learn How to Jailbreak My iPad from our tutorial.  Owning an iPad is like having a flat screen TV at your disposal wherever you go, and being able to watch all the shows and movies you want on the go, in great quality and with awesome extra features.

However, adding functionality to allow your iPad becoming more than just a portable screen, transforming it into a power tool of productivity of a portable office of one, takes more than the standard, off-the-shelf version of the iOS. Apple’s “closed-garden” policy prohibits us power-users from unleashing the beast withing the machine and giving us all the tools we want.

A Solution Arrives – How to Jailbreak My iPad

This is, however – a temporary situation. Just read on, and discover the wonder that is iPad Jalibreaking.

Jailbreaking is the process of “hacking” your machine to extract all sorts of cool functions – like springboard control and flash memory usage – that is blocked from the use of apps without the process.

The Steps

It’s really simple to jailbreak your iPad – just follow these quick steps:

1. Back up your device – despite being a very safe process, whenever you’re making changes to the core of the system, backing up is a good idea.

2. Download iJailBreakPro .

3. JailBreak Your iPad.

4. Start rollin’ like a pro.

A New App Powerhouse

The best thing about any device jailbroken with iJailBreakPro – Cydia. Cydia is the App Store’s younger sister, who sneaks out of the house to go to jam sessions at the best club in town.

Cydia allows you to gain access to an array of apps utilizing the new powers of your device, stretching your current apps to their limits and opening up possibilities never available before.

So, what are you waiting for?