Transforming the watching experience for every user, the Apple TV was, and still is, a groundbreaking device for the average television users. Giving access to streaming content form various sources, the Apple TV allows its users to watch what they want, when they want and the best quality available.

Despite its advantages, though, a serious problem stands between you and the full potential of your machine: Apple’s restrictions on the iOS mean that a lot of the cool features you’d expect to see in the device are impossible. Apple blocked apps from utilizing all the components in the Apple TV and disabled them from giving you the best bang for your buck.

A Solution Arrives

This is, however – a temporary situation. Just read on, and discover the wonder that is Apple TV Jalibreaking.

Opening up a flood of new options, Jailbreaking allows you to transform your device from a streamer with some social networking features, to a full-fledged watching computer, capable of giving inputs on the content you’re watching and optimizing your watching experience for maximum comfort and pleasure.

The Steps

It’s really simple to jailbreak your Apple TV- just follow these quick steps:

1. Back up your device – despite being a very safe process, whenever you’re making changes to the core of the system, backing up is a good idea.

2. Download iJailBreakPro .

3. JailBreak Your Apple TV.

4. Start rollin’ like a pro.

A New Powerhouse Of Apps

The best thing about any device jailbroken with iJailBreakPro – Cydia. Cydia is the App Store’s younger sister, who sneaks out of the house to go to jam sessions at the best club in town.

Cydia enables you to download apps custom-tailored to turn your humble Apple TV into the machine you always wanted it to be, allowing you to receive inputs of the shows you’re watching, suggestions of other great content to watch and an ability to interact with your friends who watch the same stuff.

So, what are you waiting for?