How to Install Cydia Updates

Installing the Cydia update is the core reason to exactly why most iOS users jailbreak their devices. To ensure a smooth performance of the app the awesome Developers at SaurikIT release on a regular basis important updates to work out the kinks and bugs that might have existed in the previous versions.

Installing Cydia is quite a simple process but requires the at most care to minimize instances whereby you can brick your pricey iDevice.

Here is the complete breakdown of installing Cydia updates on your device.

Step 1

The first and most important issue is that you will require a jailbroken device. Follow the simple instructions from our previous article on how you can go about jailbeaking your iPhone.

While you are at it, also check to see and confirm if your device is connected to the internet. For this operation, a Wi-Fi connection will be appropriate to save you on some of the data charges.

Step 2

Run your installed version of Cydia. Tap on the ‘Changes’ tab located at the bottom of the Cydia App screen. Now tap at the ‘Refresh Option’ to see if there is any new upgrade option for your installed Cydia version.

Note: If you see a ‘Downloading Packages’ on the black bar, wait for a moment until the download process is complete.

Step 3

Once processes in Step 2 clears out, an ‘Essential Upgrade’ dialog box will pop out. Once this occurs, tap on the ‘Upgrade Essential’ option. The option allows you to install the latest Cydia version at in the shortest possible time and gives you the option to keep all your data and customizations.

If not yet downloaded, the required update will be downloaded to your iPhone. Later on, a dialog box will appear that will prompt you to close the Cydia app once the installation process is complete.

Step 4

Restart the Cydia App.  Your Cydia App is now updated and fully optimized!

Here is a step by step video to guide you through the entire process.

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