How to: Increase iPhone Storage by Using an External Hard Drive

Sometimes the storage space of the iPhone or iPad becomes less and you just want to get more storage to save new data, being necessary to clear any application or game you no longer use or copying photos to iCloud library or external device, to remove them from it and free up space.

But perhaps the most effective solution to free up storage space on your iPhone and iPad is getting a compatible external hard drive where you can store whatever you want to free up storage on your apple device.

The best external hard drives compatible with iPhone and iPad

There are different choices for you that you can come out with but the best one would be to get a hard drive that is compatible, we are going to show you different external hard drive, ranging from 32GB of storage space, up to 2TB model with more space and also the most expensive.

To follow a particular order we will start with the cheaper option and end for the most expensive.

Transcend StoreJet HDD

The Transcent StoreJet HDD is the best for its money hard drive, since this model is Solid HDD (SSD) have a 64GB storage space, which can connect five devices simultaneously through WiFi connection.


The hard disk weighs only 90 grams, have a battery of up to 6 hours and is compatible with both iPhone, iPad and iPod, and Android devices. This model is priced 60 €.

Kingston Wi-Drive Hard drive

The Kingston Wi-Drive Hard drive is available in two options of storage space, 32GB and 64GB. The hard disk also works via Wi-Fi to connect to the iPhone and iPad and has a battery with a range of 4 hours.


You can password protect your Wi-Fi, to protect the data you transfer using Wi-Fi to the hard disk, besides being able to share these files with up to three users. The hard drive is sold in two storage options for € 74.95 32GB and 64GB for € 127.22.


Seagate Wireless Plus

The most expensive of the three hard drives and also provides the best storage space options to the user, in three different models. Provides up to 10 hours of battery life and can connect both USB 3.0 port on your computer, such as iPhone and iPad connect via Wi-Fi.


The Seagate Wireless Plus hard drive comes and two different options for 1TB or 2TB models, for € 179.95 and € 205 respectively.

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