How to: Disable Wi-Fi Assist on Your iPhone to Save Your Mobile Data

Apple’s new software iOS 9 is already installed on more than 50% of the existing devices, the new operating system brings a number of improvements – in the new update Apple has mainly focused on performance rather than new flashy features, even there are plenty of new features that are available for iOS 9 users including the 3D-Touch, smarter Siri, improved battery life and a new feature that can be a nightmare for mobile data conscious users, called “Wi-Fi Assist”, which is turned on by default in the settings, has reportedly been quietly eating through users’ mobile data quota while they thought they were on Wi-Fi.

The feature is focused to provide the users with a smooth online experience, switches Wi-Fi automatically to mobile data to boost connection speed, this happens when your Wi-Fi connection speed is considered to be slow. Public Wi-Fi places which don’t have robust wireless infrastructure combined with a number of users taking the advantage of the Wi-Fi can lead to frustratingly slow Wi-Fi connections. It can be a handy feature if you are walking away from your house while being connected to the internet, or you are browsing the internet at the edge of your Wi-Fi’s range, but the feature has a downside as well

For those type of users who already use up most of their data plan while they are out and about, the feature can probably blow out your phone bill, some users have already taken over the social media to complain about their mobile data usage which has sky rocketed since they have upgraded to iOS 9. Wi-Fi Assist automatically detects when you are connected to a slow or limited connection, so you don’t have to turn off your Wi-Fi to switch to your mobile data, this feature will do it on its own, and it incorporates your mobile data and the Wi-Fi together to create a usable connection.

The upside to this: Slow Wi-Fi connections will be less of a pain.
The downside to this: You can blow of your mobile data quota without realizing.

At its core, Wi-Fi Assist is a great idea.  The problem comes with the fact that this feature comes enabled by default.  It can be your friend as well as your enemy as it will help you to switch automatically to mobile data but at the side it can blow of your mobile data quota. If you are lucky enough to have an unlimited mobile data plan, you can have this feature enabled for all of your time, but if you’re on a limited connection like most of us, however, you may wish to leave it off, unless you know you’re going to be working in a spotty area for the day.  Here’s how to do it.

Step 1. Tap on the Settings app to launch it.


Step 2. Tap on Cellular

Step 3. Scroll to the bottom, and tap the ‘Wi-Fi Assist’ toggle to turn if off.


If you wish to re-enable it you can just follow these steps again.

If you are willing to leave the option enabled, you can keep an eye on how much data you have consumed using the same screen.


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