How to: Adjust the 3D Touch Sensitivity on Your iPhone

Back on WWDC when Apple announced 3D Touch for the iPhone 6s and the 6s Plus that took multi-touch of smartphone to a whole new level. Basically when you are dealing with a touch-based device there can be chances of triggering an action by mistake or something that you didn’t wanted to do. Sometimes the touch of your phone can be too light to sense your desired action.

The 3D-Touch can help you ignore those light touches and only perform the desired action when you want it to trigger. The 3D-Touch actually has a setting that it can sense how hard you are pressing the screen, there are three levels of sensitivity – Light, Medium and Firm. The 3D-Touch technology uses a grid of 96 sensors that reads microscopic changes in the distance that is in between the cover glass and the backlight, your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus will be then able to recognize the sensitivity at different degrees of pressure.

The 3D-Touch is extensively used in throughout the iOS 9 that can trigger different actions which can show content previews and show different menus with apps and also shows a quick action menu on app icons on the Home screen. The 3D-Touch is sported with the native iOS apps as well as the third-party apps, for apps like Facebook and Instagram, Apple already demoed the actions that can be triggered using the 3D-Touch. We will now see how developers will now use 3D-Touch to give the users a whole new experience.


The 3D-Touch might take some time getting the users used to of the exclusive new feature, Despite of the fact that 3D-Touch can have different sensitivity levels, but some users might face problems because of their finger as it might not be able to recognize this sensitivity. So for those type of users it may require them to adjust the sensitivity levels how they like. For this users have the option to adjust how hard they want to press in order to invoke the 3D-Touch. Apple has given the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users with the option to adjust the sensitivity of the 3D-Touch feature, which can be changed in the Accessibility part of the Settings app.


How to adjust 3D Touch sensitivity:

So if you are willing to adjust the 3D-Touch sensitivity according to your liking this will help you to have more control over your device, so you want need to just go apart your liking. Follow the steps to adjust the sensitivity for the 3D-Touch more to your liking:


  • Tap on the Settings app from the Home screen to launch it.
  • Tap General.
  • Tap Accessibility.
  • Tap 3D Touch.
  • In the 3D Touch section, you can adjust the slider to the location that suits you. The slider goes from Light (you will need to apply less pressure) to Medium (the default one) to Firm (requires more pressure).


Apple has embedded a test section right below the slider so you’ll to test each setting using the peek and post demo below the settings. If you face any problems or want to share anything about 3D-Touch with us to hesitate to comment it below.


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