Get the best out of your iPhone through Cydia

Jailbreaking your iOS device is the first step to allowing the installation of third party apps from platforms other than the iTunes store. Side is by far the most popular platform for users of jailbroken devices to access some of the best but unauthorized iPhone apps.

Gettiing the best out of your iPhone through Cydia

Gettiing the best out of your iPhone through Cydia

The one question that lingers in the minds of any user of a newly jail broken is where exactly to source the apps and tweaks to install on their iPhones. To get the best of your jailbroken iPhone, here are some of the best sources to search and download the best of Cydia apps.

SinfuliPhone Source

The SinfuliPhone Source is one of the most popular sources for both free and paid apps to install on your iPhone. The source has a dynamic community of more than 3000 users and has quite elaborate forums to offer support to its users. It has gradually become one of the premium sources for high quality Cydia applications.


The iHacksRepo is another insanely popular repository for some of the best Dreamboard and Winterboard themes for your jailbroken device.  Additionally, iHacksRepo is the repository that hosts Zeusmos, which is by far one of the coolest applications for your Jailbroken device.

You will also find a huge cache of ringtones and other interesting iPhone utilities.


The iHackStore is another awesome source for some of the best available Cydia Apps. The repository hosts a collection of some of the most popular Cydia Apps and Themes. Additionally, if you are a hard-core iPhone gamers it’s a repos you definitely wouldn’t want to miss as it is one of the best sources for games cheat codes and similar utilities.


Just as its name suggests, Insanelyi is an ‘insane’ source for some of the best Cydia apps for your jailbroken iPhone. The contents of the server range from some of the best productivity apps to a wide selection of tweaks and other awesome utilities for your jailbroken device.


It is quite impossible to talk about Jailbreaking devices and skip the ModMyi repo. The ModMyi is probably one of the best sources for Cydia apps and tweaks for your jailbroken device. The Repo is extremely popular for its themes, soundtracks and wallpapers that will take iPhone customization to a completely new level.


The HackYouriPhone is yet another extremely popular repository for Cydia Apps. If offers everything you would need from a repository. Unlike many other sources, the HackYouriPhone is relatively well updated with Cydia Apps, Utilities, Tweaks and a huge array of downloadable content.



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