Exploring Cydia

Jailbreaking is the perfect way for adventurous iPhone users to unleash the full potential of the iOS. You get to bypass the pesky restrictions that are imposed on you by the stock iOS.

So what does the tech enthusiast do if they want to combine the incredible power of iOS and the ability to add a touch of personalization on their device?

This is where jailbreaking and Cydia come in. Jailbreaking simply is removing the restrictions set by Apple on their devices. When you jailbreak an iOS device, you have root access to the iOS and granting you the ability to add third party apps and extensions, which would otherwise be impossible on the stock device. Here is our previous article giving you a systematic breakdown of Jailbreaking your device.

Cydia is an additional app store installed on your jailbroken iOS device. You have to jailbreak your iPhone before setting up the Cydia App on you device.

With Cydia, you can install a wide array of third party applications and add even more functionality to your Apple device.

Exploring Cydia is pretty much similar to exploring any other app store. You can set up a Cydia account that’s authenticated using either your Facebook or Google account. This is very important especially for paid apps where your apps are linked to your account so that you will not have to re-purchase the apps in the case you switch devices.

When you log in to Cydia, you get a home page that has the usual lists: Featured, Popular and others that you can find on any app market.

Another tab that you find in Cydia is the Sections tab where you can find all the categories of all the apps, tweaks and themes which are offered through Cydia. So this is where you go whenever you want to install a new app or theme. This process is very straightforward.

When you click on an app, you are taken to an app page with the app’s information including the developer details and screenshots.

The next tab is the Changes tab where you can see all the updates done for your apps. There is also an  ‘ installed app’ section where you can see all the apps that you have installed through Cydia. From this tab, you can uninstall or reinstall apps.

The Sources section is a tab that contains all of Cydia’s default sources where you can get almost any app. These sources are servers from where you download your apps. You can also add other secondary sources to add more variety.

Last, is the Search section that you can use to search all your sources for apps. One more side note is that apps indicated in blue are paid while those in black are free. You can pay for apps through Amazon or Paypal.

So there you have it. Why don’t you give Cydia a try and see just what you can do with your Apple device?


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