How to download an MP3 from Cydia

Cydia is the wonder app that is the exclusive preserve for Jailbroken iOS devices. If you wish to install the Cydia on your iOS device , the first step is Jailbreaking your device. Follow this simple but comprehensive guide on how you can jailbreak your device.

Back on the subject topic, for a non-jailbroken device, Apple offers only one way to download music to your device i.e exclusively through iTunes. However, once you have jailbroken your iOS, you have the complete liberty to do as you wish. It’s your personal choice on where you will source your favorite tunes for download.

Steps to download an MP3 from Cydia

Step 1

Tap on the Cydia icon on your device springboard to run it.

Step 2

Before you can download an mp3, you are at first required to install a music downloading Cydia App.  To guide you in your selection, here are the three most popular Cydia Music Apps.

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EZ-Mp3 Player

The EZ-Mp3 Player Cydia music app allows you to create custom playlists from their large database of music files hosted on different website servers. After creating the playlist of your favorite tunes, the EZ-Mp3 Player downloads the MP3 files to your device. The music app also offers streaming from a selection of  great radio stations.


EZ-Mp3 Player



dTunes is another great Cydia music app for jailbroken devices to use in downloading MP3 files on their iOS devices. The app allows you to search for your favorite MP3 files and you can choose  to listen to it directly or alternatively you can choose to download the MP3 file to your device.




The app has an inbuilt music player and additionally gives you the option to view and download YouTube video files to your device.


Just like the other two music apps , the MusicDog Cydia app is another awesome app to download MP3 files to your device. The music app has quite an intuitive design and this is coupled with the huge selection of quality MP3 files in its music database.



The app apes the insanely popular Spotify Music app but has the bonus option that allows you to play your music files even when in offline mode.

Step 3

Choose which of the three apps you wish to download. If you prefer a bit of diversity, you can choose to download them all.

Step 4

Tap on the icon of the downloaded music app. Browse around and download the music file you wanted on your device.

It’s simple as that!




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