Download Free Apps on Your Jailbroken iPhone with Pandaapp


Do you want to download paid apps on Apple official store for free? Yes, this is quite possible in quite a convenient manner with the help of Pandaapp. It works in pretty much the same fashion as other apps like iFunBox and Kuaiyong. However, Pandaapp contains some smart functions that other similar apps don’t offer. This article describes how to download free apps with Pandaapp. When you log on to official website of Pandaapp, you will be literally lost in the pool of free apps. Let’s see how to install free apps for iPhone with Pandaapp.

pandaapp iphone apps free

How to Download Free Apps with Pandaapp

You first need to download Moborobo for syncing your iOS devices with your PC. It allows you to manage your iOS files from your PC in much like the same way as iTunes. Check whether you have iTunes installed on your PC. If you don’t have, then download and install it from official website of Apple.

You need to install the apps from Pandaapp when your iOS device is jailbroken. The apps won’t work if your device is not jailbroken. Download Cydia and then install AppSync from Cydia. You need to make sure that the AppSync works with your iOS version.

Connect your iOS device with your PC and start Moborobo. It will detect your iOS device and stay connected. At Moborobo, you need to click on the Apps button on top and then click on the Pandaapp under Web Resources.

pandaapp iphone apps free

Now, search for the apps that you want to have in your iOS device. Click on it and then on the green install button. Once it is downloaded, Moborobo will automatically install it on your iOS device. From your iOS device, go to your home screen, and the app will be there. If you have downloaded the IPA file then you will have to install it through Moborobo. Browse the IPA file and then drag it to the area of User Apps and then the installation will run by itself. Besides, you can also directly download apps to your iOS devices by first installing Pandaapp on them.


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