Customize Your “Slide to Unlock” Slider and Make it Beautiful with BlurSlide Jailbreak Tweak

Customize Your “Slide to Unlock” Slider and Make it Beautiful with BlurSlide Jailbreak Tweak

The real beauty of a jailbreak device is that you can apply a huge number of customizations that the native Apple apps don’t offer. The third party tweaks enhance the vision of your iOS devices quite a lot. BlurSlide is yet another smart iOS tweak that shapes your “Slide to Unlock” slider in an attractive way. You will get the looks of the power off slider style of the iOS 7.1 x devices. It is basically a round movable knob containing a blurred background. The best thing about this tweak is that it provides a lot of options for customization. The app is still in the beta phase though.

By using this tweak, you cannot unlock your device by swiping any part of your lock screen. You need to slide the knob from left to right just like in the iOS 6.

The customizations of the tweak can be done easily once it is installed in the Preferences pane. From there, you can easily enable or disable the “bottom box blur” that appears right behind the slider. You can also play with the passcode lock and the blur style. The tweak provides 8 different styles of Blur as follows:

  • Light
  • Ultra Light
  • Ultra Dark
  • Dark Low
  • Notification Centre Style
  • Flat Semi Light
  • Control Center Style
  • Ultra Colored

You can easily change the style of the knob as well as replace the “Slide to Unlock” text with your own customized text. The developer is suspected about the use of unsupported languages. For installing the app, you will have to add a new repository first of all. For doing do, open Cydia and then go to Sources->Edit->Add and then type in the following repo:

This is how you can customize the native slider screen of your iOS device. You can get rid of the options that you really don’t like with the help of jailbreak tweaks. BlurSlide is one such example that provides this service in quite a convenient manner by modifying your “Slide to Unlock” screen.



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