How to Create iPhone Apps with Your Jailbroken iPhone

Do you wish to develop some iPhone apps with your Jailbroken iPhone? If the answer is in the affirmative, it is imperative that you know a thing or two about the process. To build up an app for iOS devices, you should first obtain a provisioning profile by fusing the iPhone Developer Program, which costs $99. The iPhone uses code-signing to limit what gets run on the device. This means that you will have to sign up with ADC (Apple Developer Connection) in order to get a code signing identity among other credentials. You will have to download a certificate, plug all the info to Xcode, and when you compile your project for debugging, it gets signed with this certificate. When it gets transmitted to a Jailbroken iPhone or released to the App Store, the signature gets checked to affirm that the code came from a registered, trusted ADC member.

Nevertheless, you can use some simple tricks to create self signaled apps that can be installed on a Jailbroken iPhone. With your jailbroken device, you will have the ability to hook into almost every class that Apple writes, allowing you to control over your device’s functionality. There are various ways in which you can go about writing a Jailbroken iPhone app, majority of which are quite complex. Theos is a brilliant tool that drastically simplifies the process.  This tool is basically a command line utility that effectively generates a template for developing applications, preference bundles, libraries, mobile substrate hacks and tools.

iPhone Apps

Step #1: Install iOS SDK

The very first step that you should take when creating iPhone apps with a Jailbroken iPhone is to install the official iOS SDK. You can go to and register for a free account. Download the latest SDK and once it has been installed, reboot your Mac.

Step #2: Set up the Environmental Variables

Decide on the most ideal location to install theos, and the recommended location is /opt/theos. The two main issues of installing it here is that you will be required to have administrator permissions, and you will also be required to enter your password when updating files. You will then open the terminal and type “export THEOS=/opt/theos”. You will be required to reset every time you reopen the terminal to create a Jailbroken iPhone app.

Step #3: Get Theos

You will have to install theos on your device. If you already followed step #1 above, it should have been installed by default. You will have to check out theos into the THEOS directory specified in step #2. In the terminal, you should type “syn co $THEOS. You will be asked for your password. You can now check the /opt/theosdirectory created with theos installed.

Step #4: Get Idid

Idid is a tool that simulates the signing process for the Jailbroken iPhone, enabling you to install your Jailbroken iPhone hacks/apps on an actual device. This tool can be found in many places, and all you need to do is to find it and install it. An easy way of doing it is to download it onto your desktop and then move it to /opt/theos/bin/idid.

Step #5: Install dpkg

Dpkg is basically a tool that enables you to bundle up your app into a Debian package for distribution in a Cyndia repository. This tool can be installed through Macports.

Step #6: Create a New Project

Theos uses a tool known as new instance creator (nic) to develop a new project. You can run nic by typing $THEOS/bin/ and the new instance creator starts.


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