Call Your Friends Instantly While Chatting Using RaiseToCall2 Tweak


Jailbreaking your iOS devices lets you explore plenty of options for customization that are not possible with official apps on Apple app store. RaiseToCall2 is just another example of a wonderful tweak that makes easy for you to call your friends when you are reading their texts. Now, you don’t need to click on the ‘Contact’ button on the right of the screen in the stock Message app. Just, hold your phone close to your face and this app will start calling the person who sent the text to you.

RaiseToCall2 is a handy tool for calling your friends while texting by nearing your iPhone to your ear or face. The device uses the front proximity sensor of the iOS devices to sense the distance between you and your smartphone. When you hold the smartphone right in front of you or near your ear, then call will be initiated to the person with whom you are texting.

call jailbreak 1

Regarding the issues with the battery, this app may consume your battery when it is enabled. The tweak is very simple to use as it is just plug and play type utility. No configuration is required once have installed the tweak. All you have to do, is to open the stock messaging app of your smartphone, go to the conversation, and raise your phone near your face or ear to make a call.

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Now you don’t need to go to your Phone app or scroll through a lengthy conversation to dial a number. RaiseToCall2 calls your friends when you are reading the conversation. The tweak also works for BiteSMS app.

The only disadvantage of this tweak is that you will be able to make only phone calls and the facility for initiating Facetime calls is not available. This tweak is available exclusively for your iPhones. This app is not available for free. You will have to shell out $1.99 for grabbing this useful tool for your iPhone. This app can be downloaded from the BigBoss repository of the Cydia store.

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