How to Browse iCloud Drive Files on iPhone and iPad


The iCloud Drive feature was introduced by Apple with the release of iOS 8. The users of iPhone and iPad running iOS 8 or higher, can store their precious data on iCloud Drive and can access it from anywhere. Power users of this service will certainly store bulk data on cloud server. After some time, their iCloud Drive will contain so many files that it would be difficult to search for the individual file. You need a smart app for managing and browsing iCloud Drive files on iPhone and iPad. In this article, I will suggest you a simple app “iCloud Opener Free” that will enable you to browse iCloud Drive files on iPhone and iPad.

Managing and Browsing iCloud Drive Files on iPhone and iPad

iCloud Opener Free is a one button solution to browsing your iCloud documents and opening them. It is available for free at the moment. It is very easy to browse through your iCloud files from your Mac. For iOS, Apple hasn’t yet released any dedicated app for accessing all the files stored in iCloud drive from one place.

With the help of iCloud Opener Free, you can preview a huge range of file types right on your iPhone or iPad. You will be able to preview PDF, mp3, PNG, JPG, MOV, Numbers, Pages, and Office Files etc. There is provision of opening the files using the supported third party apps for different files.

Browse iCloud Drive Files on iPhone 2

One of the most wonderful feature of iCloud Opener is that you can easily attach files to your messages or emails, directly from the iCloud Drive. You will be able to share files directly from the cloud. The Cloud Opener app also gives users a handy feature of compressing files that are too large. You have the provision of printing the documents directly from the app.

In short, iCloud Opener is a wonderful app for the advanced users of iCloud Drive who store bulk amount of data on iCloud. Go ahead and use this handy tool for managing iCloud Drive files on iPhone and iPad.

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