Best Fun Browser Games for Free


There are many fun browser games for free but only a few that captivates you and gets you hooked for a longer time.

League of Angels

This game is MMORPG and set in a fantasy world where a player has to save a hierarchy of beautiful angels from the forces of evil. It is a turn based game and its best feature is that the world the game set in is pretty beautiful and the erotica aspect that many like. Players can go through battle scenarios and level up through gold and equipment.

Fun Browser Games

Bleach Online

Bleach online is a game based on the anime bleach and is played worldwide especially by the bleach fans. You can choose from one of the six characters available and be ready to fight on 2D battlefield with your groups.

Fun Browser Games 2

Overhead Kick Championship

This is just a simple and fun browser game for free. All you have to do is choose a player from any country and be ready to hit overhead kicks into goal using the mouse left click. It is quite addictive actually especially due to live worldwide player scores.

Fun Browser Games


This is a multiplayer First Person Shooter (FPS) game in a modern setting. The graphics are pretty slick and the game goes until either you or the opponent team is eliminated.

Fun Browser Games

Business Tycoon Online

Business Tycoon Online is a very popular fun browser game for free. This game lets a player become an entrepreneur by selecting a player and going through a small setup and eventually working their way up to a Transnational company. There are many things available in this game like choosing a hot secretary or building a factory or even running for office that make this one of the most played game in the world with over 30 million players.

Fun Browser Games 5

Carnage Racing

It is a 3D arcade racing game available for Facebook as well. The cars are amped up with crazy tracks and upgrades that make you want to play more.

Fun Browser Games 6

Battlestar Galactica

This is a Sci-Fi, MMORPG based, fun browser game for free, that is based on the Emmy Award Winning Television series Battlestar Galactica.

Fun Browser Games

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