Apple Will Reportedly Announce Revamped Beats Music Service at WWDC 2015

According to sources in the music industry, 9to5Mac reported that Apple was going to announce a streaming music service on the March 9 event but they will announce the service at WWDC 2015 event in June.

Apple previously planned to relaunch Beats Music at the beginning of this year, but they are constrained by the departure of several experts, ie SVP, Booby Gaza at Beats and application developers Beats Music for Android has resigned from Apple. Apple also reportedly recruiting Android developers.

Beats Music streaming music service plan will be integrated into the update iOS 8.4 event ahead of WWDC 2015 and will become the default application. WWDC 2015 event is scheduled to take place on June 8 later. However, Beats Music possibilities will also be one of the main features in iOS 9.


Beats Music is also reported to be the default application on the Apple TV and its still in the development process. Reportedly, Apple will bring Apple TV with new features, such as remote control tactile tech and new operating system that is integrated with the App Store.


Event March 9 is still storing jigsaw puzzle, like what the product what will Apple announce besides Apple Watch. However, all the new products Apple will be revealing coming Monday night.


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