Apple Unveils New Generations of iPad

Just recently, Apple has unveiled its highly-anticipated new generation tablet called “iPad Air”. This fifth generation of iPad features a physical transformation from the previous ones and Apple considers this as the single most essential and noteworthy update.

With its release obviously came the comparison with the previous device. Notably, iPad Air is slimmer and lighter. It weighs 1 lb., which is .4 lb lighter than iPad 4 and has 7.5 mm thickness, which is slimmer compared to 9.4 mm iPad 4.

But going beyond the physical features, the new iPad works better than the old one. Apple has described it as “more powerful” than ever. iPad Air or iPad 5 has a remarkable 43% smaller bezel around the edge of the screen.

According to Phil Schiller, senior vice president of Apple’s worldwide marketing the new Ipad is a “screaming fast iPad”.

He also stressed that it has faster graphics and wifi access, making it as “a whole new generation” and “ is probably our biggest leap forward.”

Along with the launch of iPad Air was the unveiling of iPad mini, which was initially sold last November. iPad mini tablet’s main feature is its enhanced “retina” display and it is sold for a much lower price.

Apple top executives believed that the demand for iPad mini will surpass the supply, especially during holidays. “The response to iPad Air has been incredible, and we’re excited for customers to experience the new iPad mini with retina display,” Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of marketing, said in reports.

“We think customers will love both of these thin, light, powerful new iPads, and we’re working hard to get as many as we can in the hands of our customers,” he added.

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