Anticipating iOS 7 Jailbreak Release Date

Unlocking or jailbreaking your iPhone is easy with the help of and in case you’re wondering if iOS 7 can now be jailbroken, read on to find out.

To date, iOS 7 isn’t jailbroken yet and there has been no report about when it is going to happen exactly. And while the public is waiting for it, there are efforts being orchestrated to jailbreak this latest version of iOS, such as getting donations so as to offer a reward for anyone who can jailbreak it. A couple of websites are doing that.

But if we take the jailbreaking of iPhone 5 as an indication, we might see it take place about 4 months after its launching. That was what happened when iPhone 5 was launched and more than four months after, the jailbreak solution came. In that case, iOS 7 might be jailbroken in February 2014.

Still, many believe that there is a great possibility that jailbreak for iOS 7 will be available until iOS 7. 1 is released. This is logical since Apple releases several new versions from time to time, rendering the previous jailbreak useless. So to avoid, recreating or restructuring the jailbreak when the iOS 7.1 arrives, jailbreaking it will have to wait. That makes sense.

Right now, one thing is certain as far as the hacker group responsible for Apple jailbreaking is concerned and that is they are working hard to come up with the iOS 7 jailbreak.

And in case you stumble upon web sites offering what they claim as jailbreak download for iOS 7, it’s fake. Don’t get excited just yet because as mentioned earlier, there is no known specific date for when the iOS 7 jailbreak download will roll out. Don’t trust individuals or groups on Twitter, too. It won’t be difficult to get confirmation once jailbreak for iOS 7 has been officially released. People will talk about it and reputable web sites about jailbreaking will definitely break the news. You may check for updates regarding the release of iOS7 jailbreak.