8 Intelligent Siri Commands for Apple Music

It’s been quite a time since Apple released iOS 8.4 and Apple Music to offer the Apple Fanboys worldwide a subscription based service for enjoying music and video content, Apple Music also supports control via Siri too! Here are some simple commands to make you more comfortable to enjoy the Apple Music.

1. Play All Songs



Quite simply, say the command to Siri: “Play All Songs”. After the intelligent assistant will ask Apple Music plays all the songs on your iPhone or iPod at random (shuffle).

2. Hate a Song? Skip it



Not in the mood playing a song, you do not need to open the Control Center or Apple Music to change it, use the command “Skip”. Siri will change the song playing to the next in the list quickly.

3. Give Songs Likes and Rating



Apple Music has Likes and rating with star sign features, surely you already know this. The section serves to help the algorithm compiling a list of songs on the menu for you that you like.

Well if you want to give the rating on the song currently playing, use this command: “Give 5 stars” or “Like this song” to add it to your favorite list. Easy and fast right!

4. Rotate A Song After This



Want to listen to a song without stopping being played now? Use this command: “After this song play (the title song)”. I prefer these commands rather than having to suddenly change the currently playing song to another song.

5. Indicates a Playlist



Siri can help you show the song list a variety of musical genres and years in Apple Music. Just use simple commands like “Play the top songs from 2014” or with such sentences. Relax, do not be afraid of because Siri is very smart now.


6. Such Love Songs? Enter into My Music!



Apple Music has now a My Music tab that contains a list of songs that you enter into the library – either not downloaded or already can be listened to offline. Say the command “Add this song to my library” to save to My Music

7. Guessing Singer & Album Title



Instead of having to go to the Apple Music and see a list of the information, you can ask Siri to show who the singer of the song or from the album or anything. Use the command “Who sing this” or “What album is this from”.

8. Setting Timer for Apple Music


It’s easy, just use the Timer feature with the following command: “Set timer for Apple Music”. After that Siri will respond with how much time you want to adjust, type or say just one hour for example.

Well now you can enjoy the music played during that time. No need to fear an iPad or iPhone you up all night playing music.

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