5 Useful Tips to Make your iOS 7 Phone Faster

When iOS 7 came out in September 2013, millions of iPhones and iPads were upgraded to this new version. The newest versions of the iPhone (the iPhone 5S and 5C) and the iPad come with iOS 7 pre-installed.

It is one of the most advanced mobile operating systems in the world and it runs all of the iPhones apps, notifications and other background activities. It is compatible all the way back to the iPhone 4 and iPad

The super-fast A7 Apple proprietary microprocessor powers the iOS7. A bulk of the complaints originates from iPhone 4 owners, whose A4 processors runs the iOS 7 in a rather sluggish manner.

Here is a breakdown to optimize the iOS 7 and get the most out of the spectacular software.

Do some cleanup

Go through your phone and do some spring-cleaning. Find apps that you don’t use or you do not need and remove them. It’s not just apps, find any files stored in your phone that are unused for a while and clear them out to make room for new files.

Such unused items may take up a lot of space and yet they do not contribute anything to you or to the running of the phone, forcing iOS 7 to do a juggling act on the phone’s resources.

Turn off some visual effects

Most of the times we want our phones to display sophisticated graphics. This might be great for showing off your phone, but the reality is that graphics consume quite a lot of the phone’s processing capacity. At times, you have to compromise and turn off some graphics features like Motion and Transparency.

Turn off some background processes

 Background processes like automatic updates and background app refresh are done behind closed curtains, where you do not see what is happening. The fact is that such processes require a lot of processing and it can make your phone slower.

Simply turn off these processes and your processor will be freed up that much more. You will also see an improvement on the battery life.

Reset documents and data

This quick fix is especially useful when you want to speed up your keyboard. The drawback here is that all your keyboard shortcuts will be deleted and you will have to start from scratch.

Factory reset

 If all solutions are executed with no success, you can decide to take drastic measures. Connect your phone to a computer and run an encrypted backup on iTunes. You can then restore the factory settings and then reinstall apps and data. This works most of the time.

So there you have it! Try these quick fixes for a fitter and faster iOS 7.

Here are some more excellent tip to save some battery juice. The awesome video is courtesy of 619b3rt



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