10 Must Have Jailbreak Tweaks and Apps for All iOS 7 Users


With the release of jailbreak for iOS 7, the world of free apps, tweaks, and games has opened for its users through Cydia store. The enthusiasts are now searching for the best apps available on Cydia store. This article lists down some of the most interesting apps with their salient features.

AirBlue Sharing 7

This app brings the sharing feature to iOS 7 devices with the help of Bluetooth. After installing it, they can easily transfer files from one device to another. This sharing feature is extendable to OS X, Android and Windows devices also.

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This tweak can significantly make your web browsing experience better by eliminating the irritating ads on web pages. It blocks ads on Safari and other third party browsers.

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Assistant Unrestrictor

This tweak utilizes the Voice Control feature of iOS device that is rarely used since it is an offline tool. Mostly, iOS devices use Siri for voice commands. You have a voice assistant regardless of internet connectivity.

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BytaFont 2

This app makes easy for iOS 7 users to change the font of their devices The users can download the font of their choice from Cydia store and then apply them using this jailbreak tool. You can apply fonts to a particular part or the whole OS.

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It is a great app for those who always get depleted of battery on their devices and find the deficiency when their device has turned off. When this app is installed, this app automatically manages all the unused apps and tweaks for enhancing the battery life.

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It is a useful app that allows iOS 7 users to instantly reply to their SMS or make call to their buddies. It is available in Cydia for free.

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This tweak allows the users to change the appearance of their home screen by applying attractive settings to icons of the screen. With the help of Bigify, the users can make icons bigger or smaller. They may even rotate the icons.

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The users can replace the white keyboard of iOS 7 with the help of this wonderful app. The black looking keyboard looks more aesthetically pleasing especially on black devices.

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The users can protect apps with the help of their fingerprints. The apps are accessible when the user verifies his identity using his fingerprints.

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It is a tweak for Control Centre with which the users can change the appearance of this section. It can make the Control Centre shorter.

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